Thanksgiving Week!

Can you believe we are only 4 days away until Thanksgiving Day? … This is for sure a very important holiday!. We get to spend time we our families, laugh, relax  and eat lots and lots of yummy food!! 

I’m personally really excited and looking forward to this week and I would love to share some of the things that are making it easy for me to relax!… I went ahead an ordered a delicious platter of donut holes from Purple Glaze in Asbury Park! {They are offering a small and big platter for Thanksgiving with a huge flavor assortment…so I couldn’t resist! who doesn’t like donut holes?!.. I’m sure the whole family is going to go crazy! lol}

Now if you have vegan friends and family coming over…please don’t panic!… just run to Cookman Creamery, also in Asbury Park. They have the most delicious artisan vegan ice cream in this place! I’m telling you! We are not vegan, I repeat, we are not vegan and we love their ice cream!!… they are offering delicious vegan pumpkin pies! yum!.. call them up and you’ll be all done.

And then, after all the fun and games are over…on November 25th head out to the Christmas Tree Lighting and parade in Red Bank!…and while in there pop by the Pure Barre located on Broad Street, they are having hot cocoa, wine and you can do some holiday shopping! I can’t wait!

So as you can see…this week will def is a week I’m so looking forward to! 


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