Things we are loving so far in 2017!

We are hoping that you are enjoying your New Year 2017! The weather has been forgiving which is a great plus, it gives us a lot of opportunities to go out and hang out in our favorite and even new spots without the shivers! 

Now let’s talk resolutions… I’m pretty sure that plenty of you like us have the “I want to stay healthy” resolution all over your board!  And for that reason I feel like a must share with you these two great finds that are now on my favorite’s list! 

First off, this healthy, delicious and absolutely pretty smoothie from Playa Bowls in Piervillage, Long Branch!

It’s a blend of freshest pitaya fruit with banana, pineapple and coconut milk! Yum! I had it for lunch that day and it kept me satisfied until dinner time! {That my friends makes it a keeper lol} 

Then I wanted to share with you the most absolutely fun and relaxed experience I recently had with my Pho soup bowl!! Lol I know it may sound like I’m over exagerating about this…but trust me!! This delicious and I may add giant bowl of vietnamese soup, it definitively a fun find! … it comes in a variety of meat selections so you get to choose according to your cravings of the day! … and an additional set of toppings that makes this a memorable experience! Ohhh! And their bubble tea menu is to die for!

So there you go! Go and enjoy one of these treats! We hope they make it to your favorite’s list as well!

You can find Pho99@ on Rt. 36 in Eatontown.

Keep exploring…
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