Visiting The French Market {Rumson}

I spent a lovely morning at The French Market.  The smell of freshly baked goods immediately brings a smile to your face, but then you will definitely go into an internal fight with yourself trying to decide what to order!  I promise you this will happen! 

I had the pleasure to chat with one of the owners.  He was so welcoming and in love with what the whole family at The French Market has to offer that this really warmed my heart!  {Don’t you love that!?}

I learned that all of their ingredients are organic and that they resource from as many local businesses as possible to be able to create their wonderful French inspired menu.  Their best selling product are their delicious almond croissants {love!} and their freshly baked baguettes {they bake 3 to 4 batches of these delicious treats daily!}…definitely try them next time you visit.

Now let’s talk about my amazing Parisian ham, egg & cheese croissant…I mean can we please! {blushy cheeks}… what can I say…Love in every bite!  I promise you, this is now a favorite of mine.  The ingredients are perfectly wrapped inside this buttery, warm and sophisticated croissant! {I wish they had a midnight drive-thru lol}… oh! and yes…they do have quite the most relaxing seating area…

So if you are a French cuisine connoiseur, a foodie or if you are just looking for the perfect hostess gift…The French Market will make your day.

 Beautiful selection of sweets

Truffle chips and gourmet cheese

Delicious on the go salads…

I was truly happy I visited them and even better…I brought home this beautiful baby with me! {Blackberry tart}

♡ Be on the look for their Monthly Appreciation Day {a.k.a. taste our delicious cheese & wine!} on their social media.

Find The French Market at:

114 E. River Rd.

RUMSON, NJ. 07760

Opens daily.

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